Different Ministries

Children Ministry
We put more effort in establishing a good foundation for children. If you want your child to grow in the things of God and lean in a good atmosphere, then this is the right place to bring your child. We lay a good foundation for them so that they will grow and be the type of Godly children we desire them to be. We have a programme that helps in this on every Sunday morning and your child will learn the Bible in a way they can understand
Couples Ministry
The main purpose of this ministry is to strengthen marriages from a biblical view so that the marriage relationship will be strong to face any challenges and resolve the conflicts that arise in marriage relationship. The Bible says all things are possible with God! and that makes it possible to have a strong and dedicated marriage.
If the marriage is strong then the Church will be strong and when the Church is strong we will have a strong and a prosperous Nation. We believe that this ministry will become an international one, because the vision is great and we want to touch marriages globally to the glory of God!
Youth Ministry
We have a strong passion for the youth because we believe that if there is no youth then we will not have a leader tomorrow. The Bible says in 1John that I write to you young men because you are strong and you have overcome the evil one (the devil). Through having the youth forums we discover talents and gifts from our young people and most of them have their destiny changed all for the glory of God. We have youth rallies and camps at different places where we have valuable time to teach, discuss and have fun with the youth as a way of reaching them with the Word of God. We use every opportunity and seize every moment to bring them to the knowledge of the Truth. Thank God for His grace at work at Neema Evangelical Ministries for all.

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